Lexatrade Review 2021

Lexatrade has a 200 CHF yearly custody fee for a large portfolio. The protection is good on both sides, with a small advantage for Interactive Brokers protected by U.S. Simply because, as soon as you look at foreign brokers, there are much better alternatives out there. Interestingly, positive reviews are very strongly focused on the platform itself and its usability. It is good that many people report that the platform is easy to use.

Once you have opened an account, you will then be able to make a deposit. Deposit times will vary according to the method you use. Finally, our Lexatrade review was also impressed with the platform’s comprehensive support page, which is effectively a FAQ that offers advice on everyday account questions and basic trading skills. Next in our Lexatrade exchange review, we look at the platform’s approach to processing payments, scammed by lexatrade deposits and withdrawals. Lexatrade from what I’ve heard is a decent, reliable Forex broker. Before I had even finished opening my trading account, an account manager from Lexatrade called me, asking me to finish the account opening asap. Anyway so yeah, I tried to keep my temper but when he told me that if I could not fund my account at least $1000 right then I might as well not open the account, I ended the call.

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Many individuals will also enjoy the mobile apps, which will allow you to do all of your tasks. The main disadvantage is that it may be challenging to use due to all of the functions packed into the web interface. However, once you’ve identified the few tasks that you need, lexatrade forex brokers reviews you should be able to utilize them without difficulty. The online interface is easy to use and contains all of the features you need. Cryptocurrencies however, did not have the luck of precious metals and went down heavily late in the week due to the rout on the Nasdaq.

The company ensures all necessary and comfortable conditions for safe, successful and profitable trading. Lexatrade Bank customer support team is highly professional and is always ready to solve the clients’ problems and to answer questions on trading software and operational details. This week’s FX industry news was highlighted by details emerging from the bankruptcy of Australia lexatrade reviews based Retail FX broker USGFX. The quite amazing story of USGFX includes private investigators, overpaid taxes, sham payment companies, an AWOL controlling shareholder – and more than $350 million in missing client funds! You will have everything that you may possibly need to succeed in the online trading sphere, as this broker provides exactly what it advertises.

These are in a similar range of languages and have a similar amount of information online. You can view the upcoming events and register via the Lexatrade website. Lexatrade accounts that use MetaTrader will automatically close any open positions that are at their stop-out level. The page dedicated to Trading Policy within Pricing on Lexatrade explains the calculations for your stop-out level. The platform includes a correlation matrix perfect for those who examine multiple instruments at once.

Lexatrade scam

Lexatrade traders access 8 timeframes, 17 overlays, 27 different indicators, and complex market orders, including OCO and If Done. The platform also has a hedging feature that is offered upon request.

Impossible To Open Account!

As a result, the highest price you will pay each year is 200 CHF. This is a reasonable charge in the context of Swiss brokers. Aside from trade costs, this is the only charge you’ll have to pay.

If you want to open a private account at Lexatrade, it can be a joint or personal account. In either case, you need to verify both your identity and address. In the case of joint accounts, both account holders must submit the relevant documents. Forwards positions are charged per round-turn at 10 USD for Standard accounts, 5 USD for Premium accounts, and 0 USD for Prime accounts.

  • There is no tolerance level compared to other platforms.
  • Lexatrade has a 200 CHF yearly custody fee for a large portfolio.
  • These brokers often offer more advanced technical analysis and research tools and more excellent risk management capabilities.
  • They are fully filled, with the possibility of a better or worse price.
  • These account types are the demo account, the standard account, and the corporate account.
  • In this review, we focused on Lexatrade’s eTrading platform, which is available in multiple languages.

If you also want to consider foreign brokers, I recommend Interactive Brokers as the best broker for Swiss investors. On top of that, since IB is a foreign broker, you will not pay the Swiss Stamp tax. With IB, you save 0.075% on each Swiss operation and 0.15% on each foreign operation. Overall, I would say that the user reviews of Lexatrade are good but not great.

Portfolio And Fee Reports

Besides that, the banking options that this Forex broker is providing their clients include many different Debit and Credit Cards including VISA, MasterCard and several others. These banking options are used for both depositing and withdrawing money from the clients’ accounts. It should also be mentioned that this broker is also providing their clients with the opportunity to use different currencies for their accounts and those are USD, GBP and EUR. Lexatrade offers traders the MT4, the MT5, and its proprietary platform, the Advanced Trader.

Lexatrade scam

One thing that really makes Lexatrade stand out from the crowd is the fact that it offers trading in cryptocurrencies themselves, as opposed to derivatives. This means you’ll actually own the underlying asset, so you can hold onto your tokens for as long as you wish. However, users should be aware that you will need a dedicated cryptocurrency wallet in which to store your tokens.

Typical response you get is- send email to and they will be able to help you. Even when you are asking about very basic stuff, like informations about their products. And when you send email, you will wait 3-4 days for response.

You are protected up to €20,000 for securities and €100,000 for cash. Since Lexatrade operates multiple legal entities, investor protection depends which one you are a client of. Before Brexit, a UK entity was addressed to handle international clients for derivatives. Tutorial videos for the platforms, both Advanced Trader and MetaTrader 5. Technical indicators, which is not a lot compared to other brokers.

Lexatrade has put together an excellent crypto trading platform that is secure and reliable. The Lexatrade experience and rating is boosted by the fact that the platform offers telephone support – as well as the rare option to make an appointment in person. Of course, you’d need to travel to Switzerland or Luxembourg to do so, but it is a service that most crypto trading platforms are simply not willing to provide. Due to regulatory limitations, various companies under the Lexatrade Brand provide different trading products. The trading instruments available may vary depending on the Client’s country of residency. With Lexatrade, you may trade a broad range of tools, in fact, over 100.

Lexatrade scam

So if you would like to trade currencies, be sure to open a ‘Forex account’. After the application, you’ll be a client of Lexatrade Bank Europe SA. The news flow is in a mix of languages both on the website and in eTrader. Generally, there are separate news feeds on the eTrading platform and on Lexatrade’s sites – like the Daily Technical Report for FX traders. On the eTrading platform, news is displayed in multiple languages at the same time, so be sure to set your favored one in the top right corner. It can be confusing to see German, English, French and Italian news items at the same time if you don’t speak all of these languages (thumbs up if you do!).

Please make sure your comments are appropriate and that they do not promote services or products, political parties, campaign material or ballot propositions. Comments that contain abusive, vulgar, offensive, threatening or harassing language, or personal attacks of any kind will be deleted. Comments including inappropriate, irrelevant or promotional links will also be removed. Lexatrade remains one of the safest brokers in operation today.

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