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This timeframe is also during the not as rainy season in the Amazon rainforest, which features fewer mosquitos. That’s why, when you book with us you have the flexibility to change your travel plans – with the assurance that you’ll have options to re book when it suits you. However, another thing that comes to mind and should be considered when thinking about Peru is your safety and security in Peru. Epimetheus gives a 10 minute potted history of the country, ideal for beginners; this Spanish language video focuses on the independence period. Download or take a picture of your Declaracion Jurada confirmation to show to airport authorities. You can also define the terms of use, storage, and communication of your personal data in case of death. Landslides can occur, too, creating delays for transport – particularly in February. Australian nationals do not require a visa for touristic stays of up to 183 days. September also marks the end of the jungle’s dry season, so it’s a good time to try rainforest trekking or wildlife watching on a boat trip from Iquitos or Puerto Maldonado, before the spring rains descend and make travel trickier. Designed by Peru Travel Company Powered by SWC. My driver pulled over at times to let me walk for a little way along the empty road and admire the views. G Adventures understands the importance of breakfast to start your day, we strive to include a basic breakfast wherever possible. Upon examining the biosecurity protocols, Peru has decided flights up to 8 hours of flying time is considered “safe”. Read on as we give you a breakdown of how much you will be spending on goods. We sell virtually all services available in Peru, Galapagos, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. Winter in these destinations is much dryer and a little cooler, making it ideal for hiking and trekking. Aguas Calientes is the little town close to Machu Picchu, the most famous Inca ruin of all and Peru tourist attractions. Com, a travel blog designed to show that even Inca Farming the most useless of us can travel. There’s just so much to try. In the event of an emergency characterized by the appearance of a variant likely to present a risk of increased transmissibility or immune escape, the “emergency brake” mechanism will be activated and the country will then be placed on the “red” list, implying, as is the case today, the obligation to present a compelling reason for travelling, the obligation to present a negative test on departure including for vaccinated travelers in the event of a variant presenting the characteristic of an escape immune , and the obligation to undergo a test on arrival conditioning the placement in quarantine decided by the prefects and controlled by the police.

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Always leave your valuable in the safety box of your hotel. At Isolina, artsy locals from the Barranco district sit at blonde wood high tops and order dishes their grandmothers would have made from a hand written menu. Days will be mostly sunny and dry though you will need to wrap up in the evenings. The water temperature averages between 16 and 21 °C and fog along the coast, especially around the capital Lima, is not uncommon. Iquitos, a frontier like port town that’s a two hour flight from Lima, is the access point for cruises on the northern Amazon. Planning a vacation and not sure where to go. My group was small, and we were around the same pace which worked out well for us. The Peruvian Government by means of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that regularly scheduled repatriation flights must end by Tuesday, April 21. It’s worth noting that licensed tour guides, such as are encountered in Cusco and Machu Picchu, have university degrees in tourism where they learn not just about Peruvian history, but also about the local flora and fauna. A unique and wonderful combination of a Deluxe Peru Tour combining both the lost Inca city of Machu Picchu with an incredible Amazon River Cruise. The Selva rainforest region is located in eastern Andes, which has an average annual rainfall of over 3,500 millimeters and a relatively constant temperature of 25 degrees. The Sacred Valley, which belonged to the Incas, lies between Ollantaytambo and Pisac. Temperatures and rainfall vary across the country. Keeping the pisco sours and chilcanos flowing enough for all of us, my brother made fast friends with not only the bartenders but fellow families who were also making up for lost time together. The best time to visit Peru to trek the Inca Trail of Andes and visit Machu Picchu is April to November. Immigration officials may also ask for documentation of onward travel. If you want to take a trek then you will not run into issues without the vaccine. Copyright © 2022 The Blonde Abroad. Travellers from the orange category are required to present a PCR test taken 72 hours before arrival, and includes the following. Hi, we are a group of professional and genuine local tour guides that speak your language. Some key dishes to try include ceviche, lomo saltado and causa a la limena. Industry specific and extensively researched technical data partially from exclusive partnerships. Take advantage of a tourist ticket which gives entry into many of the things to do in Cusco including museums, churches and the Inca site: Puca Pucara the red fortress. The CDC elevated its travel recommendation to “Level Four: Very High” for Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Jamaica, Guadalupe, Kuwait, Mongolia, Niger, Peru, Romania, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, Tunisia and United Arab Emirates UAE. During the dry season temperatures can soar to 32C or higher. 15 Rue Patrice Lumumba, Tsaralalàna Antananarivo, 101 T +261 0 20 22 29696 bcdtravel. The vaccination schedule is considered complete 28 days after receiving one dose of Janssen vaccine, seven days after a second dose of other vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency namely Pfizer/Comirnaty, Moderna, AstraZeneca/Vaxzevria/Covishield and, for persons who have received all the required doses of a WHO licensed vaccine not approved by the European Medicines Agency, seven days after receiving an additional dose of a duly approved mRNA vaccine. You won’t have had to be in Cusco long before spotting traditionally dressed women walking around with their pom pom decorated llamas and alpacas. Adventure travel enthusiasts will find plenty to do here, from forest trekking to canopy walks, wildlife observation to river cruises. 82 of the Cusco Machu Picchu Railway.

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This is the perfect time to take a hiking tour to Machu Picchu and travel by train. Just in case, in Cusco Region that hosts Machu Picchu, the taxi apps don’t work very well yet. Be aware that nights can get cold, particularly at altitude in Cusco and Huaraz, so you’ll want to pack some warm clothing for this season. Alternatively, speak to a travel expert on 0808 274 8594. Last Update: Reissued with updates to health information. However, Peru has even more to give. ” to discover the country’s best highlights. Our easy to use guide, filled with inspiring and colorful photos, focuses on Peru’s most popular attractions for those looking for the best of the best. Here’s some Peruvian food and drink you need to try on your visit to Peru. Navigating Lima can be fun, safe and eco friendly when you’ve got our ultimate guide to getting around the Peruvian capital. Monday Friday 9am 5:30pm. Avoid exchanging money on the streets as the risk of receiving counterfeit money increases as does being robbed for your dollars. When browsing through the options you see online, it can be hard making a decision. Business opportunities, market and sector advantages and other insights.

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Peru is composed of hundreds of microclimates, but you’re likely to encounter three major climate zones on your adventure to Peru. There are language courses available in all Peruvian cities. In this case, the Ministry of Culture has offered to postpone the tickets until December 2021. This applies especially to Lima and other towns along the coast, but it’s still a good idea pretty much anywhere you go. 2013 was a pivotal point for Peru’s arrival on the world’s culinary stage. We consider Paul the best guide, as per our 4th trip with Gate 1. If you are inspired by travel, then we want to hear from you. His Peruvian parents always kept him close to his roots with dozens of family vacations to see his grandparents in Lima. While many of the most touristed districts are close neighbors, some of the best things to do and see in Lima are on opposite sides of the city. For this region of countries including Peru, the Advisory Index is 3.

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Famous for Machu Picchu, there are also other awesome places to see in Peru like Huacachina, the Amazon, Arequipa, and more. Arequipa is an ideal destination to admire historical monuments, explore living cultures, enjoy adventure and nature and taste the best cuisines of Peru. Also, in October Patagonia can have nice weather and isn’t that much cooler than the high season of December and January, not to mention that there are less travelers. Travel restrictions should also be gradually lifted for the special administrative regions of China Hong Kong and Macao. Not only are these breaks welcome after hours of sitting, but they’re also the best way to get a sense of Peru’s picturesque backdrop. Despite this, it could be said with all certainty that security in Peru is good and reliable. Reissued with updates to health information. See Also: Everything You Need to Eat in Peru. Here lies the aroma of the vintage era, defined by the architecture of colonial age, the romanticized streets and the wide open courtyard. Expect cool, humid, and cloudy weather from June to October. Peruvian associations of tour operators Canatur, AATC and APTAE as well as professional tour guide associations Colitur, Progatur and Agotur were talking with the Peruvian government to find a solution to open tourism of the country. You can choose not to allow some types of cookies. MUST VISIT: Gay Friendly Bars and Nightlife. For a more general sense of costs in the country, it’s better to look at it without including the Inca Trail. The average temperatures range between 20°C/58°F and 11°C/52°F. You can’t visit Lima without soaking up the food and the nightlife. If you are traveling with a tour company and you are not sure about the itinerary, check with your booking company and they will confirm for you. For longer, interregional routes, various companies offer organized coach services. On the other hand, the climate in the Colca Valley is highmountainous, so be prepared for rather cold nights. The European Union Agency for the Operational Management of Large Scale IT Systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice — also known as eu LISA — is responsible for both ETIAS registration and citizen screening prior to visa waiver approval. Peru is the perfect destination for lovers of old ruins and remains of ancient civilisations. In the Andes, however, December to March is the wet season and it’s more or less dry from June to September. The Peru travel cost will be largely defined by the way you travel. Requirements for Temporary Residence in Costa Rica. Travel within your own bubble. This relatively short lived culture was taken over by Chimu warriors from the south around 1370 AD, who absorbed the Lambayeque Valley, some of the Piura Valley area and about two thirds of the Peruvian desert coast into their empire. It’s full of wonderfully eclectic surprises, from the casa de fierro, designed by none other than Gustave Eiffel, to the opportunity to sample local delicacies such as suris: fat and juicy tree worms enjoyed stewed, roasted, or skewered. Choose your membership plan and sign up to CloseCircle in just 3 steps. Book a tour here to visit a traditional village, go trekking along the giant river canyon, or go bird waching in hopes of seeing an amazing Andean condor sailing over the landscape. Located in the Peruvian Andean highlands, the Sacred Valley includes such Peru must see sights as the Pisac Ruins and its Sunday Market, the fortress at Ollantaytambo, and salt mines in Maras.

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The Vice Ministry for Tourism also oversees General Directorates of: Research and Studies on Tourism and Handicrafts; Tourism Strategy; Crafts; and Casino Games and Slot Machines. The Machu Picchu Sanctuary has more stringent regulations: visitors must wear two surgical face masks, present full proof of vaccination including booster shots or a negative PCR molecular covid 19 test taken 48 hrs. “THE ONLY REAL SECURITY THAT A MAN CAN HAVE IN THIS WORLD IS A RESERVE OF KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE, AND ABILITY”. Here’s your ultimate guide to the best things to do in Lima. It’s worth shopping around for a deal, although if you’re on a tight deadline choose one of the major companies which tend to stick a little closer to schedules. The largest city and capital of Peru, Lima is situated along the Pacific coast. There are two types: the combi normally an old Nissan or Toyota minivan and the larger micro typically an antiquated Toyota or Mitsubishi minibus. Come with us on epic adventures and create memories that last a lifetime. The European Union must become more active and develop closer economic and political links with Latin America. He has travelled to over 50 countries and is a passionate advocate for taking career breaks. The well maintained Pan American Highway runs down the length of Peru’s coast, with intersecting highways running east into the mountains. Around 8 to 10 days are generally considered good enough for an ideal trip to Peru. While some intrepid travellers chose to hike in on the Inca Trail, the vast majority of visitors access Machu Picchu’s main park entrance via the Vistadome Train and a short coach ride up a switchback road. Indonesia’s people are diverse, speaking more than 300 languages and ranging from cosmopolitan urbanites to rural villagers. Avoid traveling at night, as many of the roads and highways in Peru are narrow and curvy which leads to a high rate of accidents. Likewise, its cultural imprint spans the world, led in large part by its popular culture expressed in music, movies and television. Arequipa’s Basilica Cathedral is an iconic sight and it is a great start before heading out to the Colca Canyon. Muggings usually happen at night and some areas, like the Sacsayhuaman ruins in Cusco, have a reputation for these crimes occur. This period may be extended. If you are travelling alone to Peru, 51 USD a day should be enough. 3 Russia is included as a European country here because the majority of its population 80% lives in European Russia. Other things to do in Peru include exploring the mysteries of the Nazca lines, walking through ancient ruins in the Sacred Valley, or experiencing modern Peru while wandering the streets of Lima. However, natural disaster like overflowing the Vilcanota river That pass very close to Machu Picchu mountain and Aguas Calientes can occur in the rainy season November to April and spoil the party of the visitor of turn. Or do you want to check information of your government about travelling.

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It’s a busy town with a large market and is mystical at night with the mist from the mountains and the sounds of the Vilcanota River as it echoes through the town. Our travel specialists know everything there is to know about your chosen destination. As a result, before you travel thus far south on the globe, the most crucial issue you must answer is how much time you have. Bingham focused on Machu Picchu because of its fine Inca stonework and well preserved nature, which had lain undisturbed since the site was abandoned. In this edition of the World Travel Awards South America, also known as the ‘Oscars’ of Tourism, Peru won 4 awards. In fact, it has been there since at least the 15th century, when it was believed to be the main route of pilgrimage to the soaring city in the clouds that is Machu Picchu. The most important of these vaccinations are the ones for measles, hepatitis A and typhoid. If you want to enjoy this rustic and exciting trek, you’ll probably need to be well planned and book a little in advance. Peru and particularly Cusco are very safe, relaxing destinations for tourists in today’s dangerous world and on top of it, TOUR IN PERU has the best customer attention; all our professional workers are fully trained not only to provide the best touring services but also to care about our clients as persons who are away from their home and culture. Further north in the Amazon Jungle, rainfall is even greater, with levels of up to 278mm in Iquitos. It’s a good time to visit Peru check things off your Peru Itinerary, like Machu Picchu, without huge crowds.

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In order to make a nice trip here in PeruSIM, we will show you 9 tips for traveling to Peru and enjoying the perfect trip. Customers rate Zicasso’s travel referral service 4. Scout around, get a feel for the going rate, and don’t be afraid to walk away if the sale isn’t going your way – you’ll soon know if your bid was way too low if they chase you out of the shop. Something went wrong while trying to update your wishlist. Here is the link to join. Avoid high crime areas, such as Lima airport, and walking through dimly lit streets after dark. Hi Karyn, I did my tour with Gadventures. From photo etiquette to avoiding altitude sickness, here’s what you need to know before venturing to the so called navel of the world. VACs accept applications for. The rules are enforced with varying degrees of rigour, depending on the setting. Many tourists will choose to visit during the dry season, assuming there will be no rainfall. Located just a block from the Plaza de Armas, you find the Saint Francis Monastery.

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De acuerdo a lo dispuesto en el segundo párrafo del inciso c del párrafo 6. By 1990, Lima’s population had surged to over 6 million. ⚠️ Due to the evolving nature of the pandemic situation, safety regulations may change without warning. All the required information must be included in the letter without any omissions. It’s still dry, it’s still sunny, but the temperature in Lima by now will have dropped to around 20°C, with lows in the mid teens. In this section we explained how, at the time, it was still possible to find same day tickets. Dear Alex,We truly regret the unfortunate incident which has occurred with your luggage. Grand Tour of South America: Argentina, Chile and Peru27 daysBuenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Bariloche, El Calafate, Torres del Paine, Santiago and Valparaiso, Atacama Desert, Lima, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Cusco. Now is a good time to use the bathroom as the drive to Willka T’ika is 70 minutes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Travel by passenger boat is adventurous and scenic, but you’ll need stamina and patience for the voyage it takes three days to get to Iquitos from most large port towns. Flights will arrive and depart from Quito and Lima on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. But you can enjoy a stay in the mountains here and. Copyright © 2015 2022 Designed and Developed by MACHU TRAVEL PERU. So, if you want to trek the Inca Trail and see Peru’s Sacred Valley during specific dates, plan your trip up to 12 months in advance. The processing period for a Peru visas is up to 30 days.

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The Sacred Valley lets you get a closer look at everyday life in the Andes while delving deeper into the Inca past. If the idea of cooking your own food doesn’t send shivers down your spine, try to find hostels with communal kitchens. Dear Karen,Thank you for taking the time to give share such a wonderful review. In addition, it will include the promotion of formal tourist services and reduce the number of informal companies in operation. Since some of Peru’s most popular hikin. Experience the delights of the San Juan Mountains, a sub range of the famous Rocky Mountain High. Most vendors sell clean food, but there is no way to be sure. Has the trend run its course. Besides, he makes fun of past guests as his jokes, not very comfortable. This period may be extended. There Were four travel advisory levels. Students will receive one interconnected BI course credit Natural Science with Lab and one half GM credit fulfills the diversity requirement. We know that right now is an uncertain time for traveling and for planning trips in general. Nik, Latin America and Europe Specialist. Travellers must present documents proving that their stay in the Schengen Area is legal. However, to fit in, and reduce the chances of being scammed, learning a few phrases in Spanish is a good way to express your respect for locals and be less of an outsider in this strongly Spanish speaking city. Other Nazca sites worth viewing within the desert are the ancient aqueducts known as the Nazca channels. Explore the sample itineraries below to discover what’s possible, and for more information, visit our Peru Travel Guide to learn more about this wonderful country before you arrive. Just to the left of the tomb lies a series of ceremonial baths fed by a sophisticated aqueduct system — another reminder of the impressive masonry skill of the Incas. Travel Insurance That Covers Covid 19 For 2022. Peru is quickly becoming popular among backpackers as one of the best locations to trek in the world. Visit the famous Inca ruin Machu Picchu. Seasonal surcharges and/or fees will apply to rescheduling to 2021. Situated at 2,335 metres above sea level and surrounded by volcanoes, Arequipa experiences relatively mild day temperatures year round, which hover around 21°C 70°F. You can also visit Cusco between November andApril, but it is likely to rain on a continuous basis. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.


He disfrutado de un tour desde Cusco con Peru Agency. Inventive menus might feature anything from local squash ceviche to flavorful fish stew. That’s why we specialize in creating great tour packages that will bring your family together for a lifetime of meaningful experiences. Click on the “Get Code” or “Get Deal” Button to get amazing bargains. Easter falls in April or March and is a big holiday in Peru – no less so in Lima. But there are distinct variations in weather and temperatures between the different parts of Peru, meaning there are certain months when it’s better to visit a particular region. During the pandemic, many hospitality workers turned to agriculture to support themselves—it takes three months to earn what they once made in one. There are lots of incredible places to visit in Peru once you arrive. Always dress in layers in the Andes, no matter when you’re traveling to Peru. Read on as we give you a breakdown of how much you will be spending on goods. These inexpensive rentals must be booked as early as possible and may not be in the most desirable areas. Lima is a coastal city with access to seriously fresh seafood. Many travelers choose to do an overland tour of South America and explore the surrounding countries too. Our team live, breathe and deliver the finest Latin American experiences. The country has a thriving culinary scene and coastal sensations such as ceviche are common. So good in fact that Heidi’s sister and brother in law found a way to get away and join them for their Chile portion. Types of Girl about the Globe GatG – Cultural GatG, Historical GatG, Nature GatG, Surfing GatG. The Inca Trail closes down entirely in February for maintenance. However, below I have listed a few places that I have enjoyed in Lima. Average rainfall during the wet season is 12 days of the month. In addition the recent flood has not affected this area at all.

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What about unvaccinated travelers. Put the most important details at the beginning because many people don’t read full articles. We may receive a commission from the lender. Plugs: The plugs in Peru are Type A and C. I couldn’t compare them, because each site is different and beautiful in its own way. The total price will be clearly displayed prior to any deposit being required. However, while it is common in Lima markets to see vendors and buyers discussing a better price, there is a point where arguing hard for a cheaper price becomes disrespectful. “You do not owe it to anyone to be friendly,” Walker says. Want to receive exclusive GayTravel. However with dry season from April to October, this is a wonderful time to visit. Knowing the best time to hike the Inca Trail and visit Machu Picchu is key for any trip. The further away from Lima you travel along the coast, the sun gradually begins to break through the mist. Peru is one of the most popular destinations in the world right now. Let’s read what tourists said about their recent trips to Peru. Called “Flash Sales,” these offers have exclusive pricing that is available for a limited time, sometimes as little as three weeks. Find her on: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest. June to August is peak time to visit Machu Picchu, so it’s very busy. Likewise, for trekking and hiking, especially where camping is involved, and for lodge based stays in the Rainforest, we would recommend avoiding January and February.

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Disclaimer: COVID 19 travel restrictions are changing every day and the following information reflects South America Backpacker’s understanding of the current entry rules. The 45 km journey, which combines mountain scenery, subtropical jungle and Inca paving stones, tunnels and ruins, can be walked in 4 days. Our company must protect our employees to allow us to start operations again as soon as possible, with the same experienced staff who have been working with us. On this luxurious, 7 day tour, you will experience true comfort as you are transferred privately to each destination while staying in the most immaculate accommodations that Peru has to offer. Street money changers will often pass you false notes. Virgen De La Almudena Y De Las Nieves on September 8th is one of Cusco’s most venerated and “richest” Madonnas, hence the importance of her procession. Keep this in mind when planning the timing of a trip to Lima. The Andean country has a weak political system with party systems that didn’t achieve consensus in more than 200 years of the republic. In addition, you’re entitled to a $20 travel voucher. Amsterdam Pride is a citywide gay festival and attracts several hundred thousand visitors each year and is one of the largest publicly held annual events in the Netherlands. The country is located Western South America, bordering the South Pacific Ocean, between Chile and Ecuador. Latin America, Hawaii and Alaska Specialist. Street art in Huachipa, Peru via El Decertor, CC BY NC ND 2. Volunteer at a local zoo in the Peruvian Andres Valley: This work exchange has 26 five star reviews from past travelers. Lima Culinary and Gastronomy Tour. Required fields are marked. Seller of Travel Ref. Then you have 5 star hotels in Peru that are a wholesome luxury experience that you should not miss if you have the money. 4 de su Reglamento y documentado estos, respectivamente.

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Whenever possible, agree on a price before accepting a service. Peru’s tourism industry is a huge contributor to the country’s economy and also gives them an extra incentive to protect their culture, nature and historical sites. Communication is key and as a Karikuy Customer you have quick access to your local guides, our web chat, emergency contact numbers and the popular WhatsApp platform which is what our customers most frequently use to communicate with us on the fly. When leaving a tip for your server in a restaurant, the standard 10 15% is fine. This is easily one of the best times to visit Peru if you want to go to the mountains though Cusco can be a little cloudy in September. Many tour agencies encourage travelers to bargain for better prices, reassuring them that it is simply part of the Peruvian culture. Fronting onto a rugged stretch of shoreline, Lima is often used as a stepping stone to reach bucket list sites such as Machu Picchu, but the capital of Peru has become a destination in its own right. According to the study, overall the world became a slightly more dangerous place in 2016. Opening time: 05:00 – 17:00 hrs. Cusco is one of Peru’s top destinations and is only three hours away from the iconic Machu Picchu. Peru lies wholly within the tropics, but that doesn’t mean the country’s uniformly hot and humid, or indeed that the year round climate is unvarying. The Cathedral was the city’s first church in 1535 and rebuilt numerous times. How easy is it to travel around Peru. Feel like a nomad on our Mongolian expedition as we traverse the North Asian country by foot, camel and horseback. Last time I was there I got a nice hotel room in a good neighborhood of Miraflores for $29 a night through Booking. A German village in the middle of the Selva Alta in Peru is bound to be an interesting destination. Women should be prudent if alone late at night in the streets, as you could be seen as an easy target for thieves; also, if you are at the bar, you should never leave your drink unattended. Established in 1993, WTA recognizes excellence in travel and tourism. The absolute best time of the year to go to Peru to visit Machu Picchu is between May and September, coinciding with the driest season. Traveling with us you will receive 24/7 customer support. On our Tailor made trips, we give you the flexibility and choice to do things just the way you want, all alongside the great service we’re famous for. It is always a good idea not to display your valuables frequently. It’s the last part of the region’s “dry” season, so it makes for some great nature watching and trekking in the rainforest – but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to see any rain. 30, an overall average of $20. This is how we pay for content and product research. It should arrive in 7 10 days. Jauja has the distinction of having been Peru’s original capital, as declared by Francisco Pizarro when he swept through the region; he changed. To help stop the spread of Zika, travelers should use insect repellent for three weeks after travel to prevent mosquito bites.

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Services provided at this office. Virgen De La Almudena Y De Las Nieves on September 8th is one of Cusco’s most venerated and “richest” Madonnas, hence the importance of her procession. If you had booked train tickets in advance, you were able to postpone your trip until 2021. Average temperatures in the high season are 26C 79F and 18C 64F in winter. Mystic Peru, Peru has a rich tradition of healers and spiritual advisors. The best is to be fully vaccinated before traveling and avoid unnecessary trips if you are not vaccinated. This island is known for its friendly people who still preserve traditional customs and wear traditional dress. Local police and coast guards have also increased their presence along the rivers throughout the region including checkpoints and high speed boats in the event of an emergency. For this reason, visiting Machu Picchu in the Dry season May to October is recommended. And you don’t just get the accommodation. 33 per day for food, drink and accommodation for two people, Peru was one of the most budget friendly countries in our itinerary.